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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hiring Survey for First Half of 2006

Over the 20 years Management Recruiters International, the largest recruiting company in the world, has been conducting the hiring survey among its clients.
The results of the survey consistently foreshadow fluctuations in the economy. Our findings are the tool to help make decisions about adding staff to an office, help clients make informed business decisions.
The questions that we are asking of our clients will not only probe their hiring projections for the next six months, but will also bring to light trends that affect employments issues within different industries.
If you would like to participate and recieve the results of our survey , please click on the link below:

Thank you for your help in making the survey a success.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Search Firm Sees Growing Revolt against 24/7 Access Demands by Employers

Management Recruiters International, Inc.(MRI),the world's largest search and recruitment organization,has observed a growing level of discomfort on the part of candidates and employees with positions that demand any-time,any-place accessibility and control by employers through technologies such as handheld email devices,spyware or Wi-Fi. New initiatives aimed at brining mobile phone access to commercial flights could exacerbate the problem, MRI believes.

"When the job market was tough and employers were reducing staff, much of the extra work was directed to existing employees -even during their off hours -through these devices," says CEO Allen Salikof. "but now candidates have more opportunities and are beginning to voice their discontent by avoiding positions that require 24/7 access."

Clearly employees have the option to turn these devices off, but many feel the added pressure of "missing something" or, even worses,being viewed by management as not a team player. This sentiment is especially true for employees with demanding family responsibilities who already feel vulnerable because they cannot always dedicate the same amount of time during off hours as their peers.

"What we find ironic about this growing trend is that many employees fought hard for these technology "perks" when they were firts introduced," added salikof. "For many,the velvet gloves they sought have become corporate handcuffs."

To combat the "constantly on " business trend, Salikoff predicts an increase in "do-not-call" parameters in the next two years, as well as an increase in technologies such as hand-held cell phone jammers, which are aimed at keeping work from interfering with the personal lives of others.

Management Recruiters of Arlington Heights is an affiliate of MRI (

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Team Members!

Management Recruiters of Arlington Heights welcomes two new members onboard : Lynda and George.
George starts his training on Tuesday, 10/11/05.Training is a way of life at MRI, and we have a justified reputation of employing the best-trained account teams in the business. Through MRI University, classes are conducted on the world's largest private videoconference network. Combine this with an extensive video-training library and on-the-job coaching, and George will get off to a fast start!
Lynda has completed her training program and begins her journey of finding impact players and helping prospective candidates to improve their careers.
Lynda’s Industry Focus is Information Technology :
Specializing in IT Risk and Control Services Professionals. Keywords: IT Auditing, SOX compliance, HIPPA, Informatics, Meditech, Epic Systems, Content/Data quality management, Application Security and controls assessment, Information Controls, Infrastructure Security, Systems Project Control Assurance, Business Continuity Management. CISA, CIA, CISSP, CISM and Project Management.Lynda specializes in finding and recruiting top talent professionals on contract to hire and permanent basis.
If you are looking for a specialist in this field or if you are a specialist and looking for a new career move, contact Lynda at:

Lynda Weiss
847/590-8880 ext 3012

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

International Robots and Vision Show

Management Recruiters and Sales Consultants of Arlington Heights to attend the 2005 International Robots & Vision Show and Conference (September 2005).Strengthening Industry: Pumping Up with Robots & Vision

The International Robots & Vision Show and Conference is North America’s leading event for seeing all the latest robotics and machine vision products, meeting industry leaders from throughout the world, and getting practical solutions for your specific manufacturing challenges. Held just once every two years, the Robots & Vision Show can help your company become a stronger global competitor by opening your eyes to new ways to maximize productivity, lower production costs, boost product quality, and speed time to market.
If you are looking for practical solutions to automation challenges, as well as an opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in technology in the robotics and machine vision industries, check out the conference offerings!
Bob McGarry and Larry Johnson will be representing Management Recruiters and Sales Consultants of Arlington Heights, IL. Bob and Larry are both part of the Industrial team at MRI Arlington Heights.

MRI Arlington Heights is an executive search firm. We specializing in finding and recruiting top sales talent, management and marketing professionals, and engineers across a number of industrial applications. I would like the opportunity to get acquainted prior to the event and perhaps exchange some information, current trends and issues that impact the Robotics and Vision Market.You could reach me at your convenience at:MRIManagement Recruiters & Sales Consultants of Arlington Heights, IL Larry Johnson 800-562-9474
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